Detect Vulnerabilities. Reduce Risks.

8com: 15 years experience in Vulnerability Management as a Service. We offer different vulnerability management solutions. Select the suitable service and find out more.

Websites, Online Stores, Corporate and Government Networks, ... Are All in the Crosshairs of Cybercriminals.

Reports of successful hacking attacks reach us almost daily.

The most frequent cause: security vulnerabilities. SQL injections, cross-site scripting, code execution, ... to name but a few, allow attacks to happen.

In 2017 alone, 14,600 new vulnerabilities were discovered. These are only the officially listed vulnerabilities with CVE* numbers. But they are only a small fraction. In addition, there are many vulnerabilities due to programming errors, faulty updates and configuration mistakes.

For example, IT systems that are secure today may have vulnerabilities tomorrow.

Effective protection can only be achieved through continuous vulnerability management.  


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Keep an Eye on your IT Infrastructure

Not every vulnerability is a security risk. However, it is a starting point for potential attackers. It is therefore essential to identify and monitor the vulnerabilities in your own IT infrastructure, especially when it comes to vulnerabilities that cannot simply be eliminated. Make your work easier and make life difficult for attackers.  

Continuous Monitoring

Optimize your vulnerability management by continuously monitoring your systems. Ensure compliance with technical IT standards. Sustainably improve your system security and increase your productivity by avoiding system failures and associated work interruptions.  

Active and Passive Vulnerability Scans

Identify security risks such as missing patches using an effective combination of active and passive vulnerability scanning technology. At the push of a button, both automated and individualized reports are available for your IT managers and corporate management. Centralized administration gives you an overview of all IT risks.

Our Experts

Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you find the most efficient solution. Working with you, we will evaluate the required measures. All services are also available as comprehensive Managed Services. 

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Contact us and let us advise you without obligation.


Vulnerability Management as a service - One Service, Many Benefits

What exactly does vulnerability management as a service accomplish?

Businesses and organizations that rely on vulnerability management as a service are less vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

When do you need vulnerability management as a service?

If your business has sensitive assets such as data, trade secrets, or internal business processes that need to be protected, you should take active measures to eliminate vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access. 

Why are IT security systems not sufficient?

Security systems such as firewalls, VPN servers or demilitarized zones (DMZ) are important, but they are not enough. Faulty updates and configuration changes can always lead to new vulnerabilities that make your systems vulnerable. 

Why Vulnerability Management as service by 8com?

We monitor the digital infrastructures of our clients in over 40 countries. This, together with the fact that we have been advising and supporting our clients for over 14 years regarding information security, gives us a wealth of experience. 

What's the reaction time?

If security-relevant vulnerabilities are found, you will be informed immediately so that they can be dealt with promptly.