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Cyber Resilience
for Businesses and Public Authorities

Security Operations Center

We protect you from cyber attacks
At the 8com Security Operations Centre, we dedicate ourselves to the seamless monitoring and detailed analysis of your IT and OT systems in order to detect cyber attacks at an early stage and effectively defend against them. Our experts use the most advanced technologies and have in-depth expertise to not only identify potential threats, but also proactively combat them. Thanks to our proactive Threat Hunting, we are always one step ahead by actively searching for hidden dangers and taking preventive measures.

Effective protection against cyber attacks - around the clock (24/7)

Transparent approach, comprehensible to you at all times

Security strategy coordinated with you

Intensive support during the entire cooperation

Individually tailored security concepts

Intensive support from experienced cyber security experts

Different experts work hand in hand (analysts, IT forensic experts, security consultants, IR managers)

Transparent cost models, highly scalable at any time

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Security Operations Center

ISO 27001 certificate on the basis of BSI IT-Grundschutz

The core processes of 8com's Security Operations Center (SOC): Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a Service, Vulnerability Management as a Service as Managed Security Services for business customers and public authorities.

Cyber security since 2004
Active in over 40 countries
There for you 24/7
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SIEM as a Service

Service instead of just technology

From our many years of experience, we know what matters. Security concepts must be individually tailored to each IT infrastructure and the business processes of each individual customer. Detailed consulting before and intensive support during the entire cooperation are therefore particularly important to us.

Joint development of your security strategy

Individual assessment of your need for measures

Close coordination throughout the entire collaboration

Continuous development of the security strategy

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EDR as a Service

Detection, analysis + real-time responses

With Endpoint Detection and Response as a Service, 8com reliably detects suspicious or threatening activity on all your endpoints. Rapid responses to defend against cyber attacks are initiated directly from the 8com SOC.

Proactive 24/7 threat detection

Permanent analysis of the threat situation

Defense measures initiated directly by 8com

Only one software agent for different assets

Continuous overview of the threat status of each endpoint

Protection for all assets (on-premises, home office, cloud, Office 365 and more)

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Vulnerability Management as a Service

Continuous identification and handling of security vulnerabilities

With Vulnerability Management as a Service, the 8com SOC gives you a continuous overview of existing vulnerabilities in your IT systems. Vulnerability Management as a Service thus demonstrably increases protection against cyber attacks.

Continuous overview of security vulnerabilities in your IT systems

Prioritized recommendations for measures regarding vulnerabilities

Intensive support from experienced security consultants

Many years of experience in vulnerability management

No interference with your business processes

Ready to go immediately: set-up possible within the shortest possible time

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Incident Response

Fast response in case of emergency

With its EDR as a Service and SIEM as a Service, 8com's SOC ensures in advance that in the event of a cyber security incident, the right tools, processes and expertise are in place to respond quickly.

Reliable on-call service

Fast and competent assessment of the threat situation

Compliance with legal reporting requirements

Close cooperation between IR consultants and IT forensic experts

Rapid restoration of normal operations in the event of an emergency

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IT Forensics

Do you have a security incident?

IT forensics can be considered part of the incident response strategy and is the link to law enforcement when it comes to incident handling. There are similar questions to be answered in both incident response and IT forensics:

Who is Patient Zero?

When did the attack occur?

What type of attack is it?

How did the unauthorized access occur? (e.g. security vulnerabilities, open ports)

Which systems are affected?

Who are the perpetrators?

Where can and should defensive measures be taken in the future?

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8com - For a good reason

The 8com Security Operations Center protects the digital infrastructures of its customers in over 40 countries around the world. Through continuous monitoring (24/7), threats are reliably detected, analyzed and defended against.

Since its founding, 8com has pursued only one goal: increasing the cyber security of medium-sized companies, government agencies and organizations

Continuous improvement processes to increase security

Cyber Security for over 17 years

Customers from over 40 countries worldwide

Service instead of just technology

All key services from a single source

Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange

Data processing according to German law

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