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What is a Security Operations Centre?

8com's Security Operations Centre (SOC) is dedicated to the permanent monitoring of IT and OT systems to detect and fend off cyber attacks at an early stage. Through the interplay of advanced technologies and in-depth expertise, threats are not only identified, but also analysed, evaluated and proactively combated.

Relieving the burden on managing directors and IT departments

Managing directors and IT executives are faced with the major challenge of securing increasingly complex system landscapes against ever more sophisticated attack methods - at a time when IT departments are overburdened and skilled labour is in short supply. At the same time, they must comply with new, stricter guidelines and laws such as NIS 2.0.

This is where 8com's Security Operations Centre comes into play: excellently trained and experienced, our analysts are on duty day and night to ensure that managing directors and IT executives are relieved and can sleep soundly.

The Right Partner for Your Security Operations Centre

Since 2004
Since 2004, we have focused exclusively on cyber security and can draw on many years of experience across industries.

8com SOC not only monitors your system landscape around the clock, but also autonomously defends it against security incidents in the event of an emergency.

Based in Germany
Our services are provided entirely from Germany. You communicate directly with long-term, German-speaking contacts.

Rigorously certified
8com SOC is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 based on IT-Grundschutz and thus demonstrably fulfils the strictest security requirements.

By using XSOAR, security tools can be efficiently orchestrated, numerous tasks can be automated and response times significantly reduced.

IT & OT monitoring
We monitor both IT and OT, from the initial risk analysis through to OT Monitoring as a Service with anomaly and attack detection.

ISO 27001 certificate based on BSI IT-Grundschutz
Certified core processes of our Security Operations Centre (SOC) at 8com: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a Service, Vulnerability Management as a Service as Managed Security Services for business customers and public authorities.

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An overview of our SOC services

Cyber security from A to Z:
From vulnerability management to forensics, our SOC combines concentrated expertise from all disciplines. Not sure which services are right for your needs? We would be happy to advise you.


Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service monitors your entire IT infrastructure for anomalies around the clock.

Collection, processing and evaluation of log data

Detection, analysis & averting of cyber threats

Proactive threat hunting by our analysts

Protection for all assets ( on-premises, remote working, cloud, Office 365 and much more)


Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a Service permanently monitors your endpoints in order to recognise and ward off threatening activities.

Enhanced responsiveness to security incidents

Automatic defence against known threats

Only one software agent for different assets

Protection for all assets
(on-premises, remote work, Windows clients & servers, MacOS devices, Linux systems and much more)


Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) as a Service enhances the classic EDR service with SIEM functionalities.

Extended protection beyond endpoints

Monitoring of cloud, firewall, appliance data and more

Creation of behavioural profiles for the detection of anomalies

Reduced response time in the event of cyber threats

Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management as a Service permanently monitors your IT systems for security vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for remediation.

Continuous overview of security vulnerabilities

Regular reports with recommended actions

Prioritisation of vulnerabilities according to criticality and exploitability

Security advisories


Our Network Detection and Response (NDR) as a Service protects both your IT and OT, from risk analysis to anomaly and attack detection.

Monitoring of all network traffic

Use of machine learning to detect threats

Visibility for IT and OT

Autonomous defence against attacks possible

Incident Response

With our EDR/XDR and SIEM as a Service, we ensure in advance that all the tools and processes are in place for a rapid defence in the event of a cyber attack.

Rapid and competent risk assessment

Close collaboration between our analysts and forensic experts

Compliance with legal reporting requirements

Rapid restoration of regular operations

Digital forensics

Digital forensics can be seen as part of an incident response strategy and is the link to law enforcement when dealing with incidents.

Evaluation of affected servers and clients

Analysis of memory images without affecting the productive environment

Report that can be used in court

Recommended actions to avoid future incidents

Outsource SOC or operate it yourself?

Depending on their size, many companies are faced with the decision of whether to operate a SOC internally or outsource it to a partner. Outsourcing offers decisive advantages over in-house operation:

No tedious search for highly sought-after specialists

Years of expertise in combating cyber attacks

Reduced costs and access to market-leading technologies

Scalable solution at all times

Active 24/7/365 including incident response

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