Penetration Testing

IT Security Checks from the Attacker's Point of View

Penetration testing is a comprehensive examination of your IT systems and networks by experienced security experts. Over a limited period of time, they use techniques that professional cyber criminals use in their attacks to uncover vulnerabilities.

Initial overview of systems and vulnerabilities

Targeted attacks on individual systems

Identification of improvement potential for existing protection systems (AV, EDR, firewall, IPS/IDS)

Documentation on the fulfilment of certain security standards

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Individual Inspection

Unlike automated inspections, penetration tests analyse IT infrastructures from the perspective of a human attacker. The major advantage of this: our penetration testers know the attack methods and use their knowledge to find out how existing security measures can be circumvented.

Testing from the perspective of real attackers

Application of realistic attack methods

Practical examination of current security measures

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Solution-oriented Results

The results of a penetration test are recorded and described in detail in a final report. The report also contains short and long-term recommendations for remedial action to eliminate any identified security vulnerabilities.

Detailed final report

Including practical recommendations for action

Various Penetration Tests to Choose From

We offer a range of penetration tests for testing different system and application environments.

Web Application Penetration Test for web applications (based on OWASP Top 10)

Mobile Application Penetration Test for iOS and Android applications

Perimeter Penetration Test (external attack via the Internet)

Corporate Net Penetration Test (security scan within a network)

Client-side Penetration Test (attack simulation on a client system, e.g. via e-mail)

Application Security Audit (testing of native applications for the Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems)

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Bundled and Efficient

Gain an even more detailed insight into the security status of your IT landscape with our pentest packages, which complement each other and provide bundled services.

Bronze – Level 1

Vulnerability scan of your internal network with manual verification

Examination of the configuration of the Active Directory for privilege escalation and hardening measures

Scan for outdated protocols, default access data and outdated software

Detailed final report including vulnerabilities and measures

Silver – Level 2

Includes all services from the Bronze package

Detailed analysis of the Active Directory for complex attack paths

Examination of network segmentation and network access controls

Examination of access authorisation for network drives

Perimeter Penetration Test of external infrastructure (e.g. VPN, e-mail, web server)

Concluding discussion of the results based on the final report

Gold – Level 3

Includes all services from the Bronze and Silver packages

Free retest after elimination of vulnerabilities

Client-side Penetration Test of a Windows 10/11 client

Concluding presentation of the results for management and technicians

Details on the scope of services(Download PDF)

Experienced and Reliable

Since 2004, 8com has been testing the IT systems of companies and public authorities and supporting them in establishing comprehensive cyber security strategies.

Benefit from the expertise of our OSCP-certified penetration testers who know how cyber criminals operate.

Years of experience in penetration testing

Application of proven concepts

All penetration testers are OSCP-certified

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