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8com Cyber Defense

Cyber security requires creativity, individuality and a focus on the specific risks of the companies and government agencies to be protected. The three classic layers of cyber security, namely

  • prevention,
  • detection,
  • reaction,

must be secured in many ways.

To this end, we have standardized modular solutions as well as completely individualized approaches to ensure optimal protection.

8com's Cyber Defense Center protects clients in over 40 countries worldwide. Become part of the 8com Cyber Defense and Intelligence Network.


8com Cyber Defense: Prevention

  • Vulnerability Management for:
    • Web applications
    • firewalls, VPN servers and other perimeter systems
    • internal IT systems of companies and government agencies (Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix, Clients and Servers, network devices etc.)
    • industrial control systems
    • and much more
  • Penetration tests
  • Introduction and automated monitoring of IT security standards (e. g. CIS, BSI IT-Grundschutz)
  • Information Security Awareness

8com Cyber Defense: Detection

Despite all preventive security measures, successful hacking or malware attacks can occur. These are often discovered months or years later. With the help of our Advanced Threat and Incident Detection modules, we often recognize attacks at an early stage.

  • Indicator of Compromise Detection
  • Advanced Threat Detection (SIEM)
  • Honeypots
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS/IPS)
  • Privileged Account Management and Monitoring
  • Third-Party Monitoring
  • ERP (e. g. SAP) Security Monitoring

8com Cyber Defense: Reaction

If a potential or confirmed security incident is identified, immediate action must be taken to avert high and critical business impacts.

  • Incident Response Management
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consulting 
  • Incident Readiness Workshops and Plans (IRPs)
  • IT Forensics

Typical Systems and Networks Secured by Us

  • Web applications (online retailers, websites etc.) 
  • Firewalls, VPN servers and other perimeter systems
  • Internal networks of companies and government agencies 
  • ERP systems like SAP, Navision etc.
  • Network control technology 
  • Industrial networks
  • Chemical facilities
  • Medical technology
  • Control stations of utility companies
  • and much more

Successfully Used Worldwide

We detect threats before hacking attacks occur. We operate as a company in over 40 countries and draw on more than 14 years of in-depth experience in the field of information security.

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M1 I SIEM: Threat Detection and Threat Intelligence

We monitor your digital infrastructures. Information is centrally stored in our Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) and potential threats are identified and analyzed.

M2 I Vulnerability Management and Assessment

We examine your systems daily for vulnerabilities and initiate necessary measures to eliminate or reduce risks. In addition, we identify potential shadow IT systems.

M3 I Incident Response Management

We work together with you to create incident response plans in which clear procedures (including prevention) and standards are established. In the event of an incident, we also assume management responsibility.

M4 I Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Monitoring

To avert dangers to your industrial control systems, we monitor your systems, identify attempted attacks  and initiate the necessary measures to minimize damage.

M5 I Privileged Account Management

We support you in setting up an adequate authorization concept and enable you to monitor and control privileged accounts using selected software solutions. 

M6 I Third-Party Monitoring

Internal and external access to your systems is monitored by us. We can use jump host solutions to log the activities of external service providers, monitor them and prevent specific actions.

M7 I SAP Security Monitoring

Our specialists monitor your SAP systems (e.g. HANA, R/3) for manipulations that can have a direct business impact.

M8 I Honeypots

Attackers are distracted from their actual target and lured into a trap. This will not only prevent them from causing damage, but may also provide clues to manipulated accounts.

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The experts at our Cyber Defense Center record up to one billion security events every day and look back on a wealth of experience in vulnerability management. Several hundred security incidents (financial fraud, attacks on industrial plants etc.) are identified and fended off largely automatically. Every day, 8com detects over 2,500 security vulnerabilities in its clients' systems and helps to eliminate them.

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FAQ - Cyber Defense Center

Why do I need the services of a Cyber Defense Center?

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to attack systems. Configuration changes and faulty updates can also be the source of new security vulnerabilities. Only continuous system monitoring therefore guarantees security.

Why 8com's Cyber Defense Center?

The experts at our Cyber Defense Center record up to one billion security events every day. On a daily basis, we detect over 2,500 security vulnerabilities in our clients' systems.

Why 8com?

We have been active in the field of information security for over 14 years and can draw on a wealth of experience and sound expert knowledge. We secure the digital infrastructures of our clients in over 40 countries, from SMEs to global players.