We Continuously Examine
your IT Systems
for Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management for Businesses

Cyber attacks on businesses often remain undetected for months. 

Götz Schartner  Founder and CEO of 8com

We Detect Vulnerabilities
and Assist in Eliminating Them

The threat situation for businesses has increased rapidly in the last two years. The reason for this: New types of cyber attacks and massive vulnerabilities in IT systems. 


We continuously check your systems
for security vulnerabilities

Any discovered vulnerabilities will be verified and reported by our Cyber Defense Center team, including short explanations, depending on the service package (bronze/silver/gold). Further services complete the security of your systems.


Compliance with IT security requirements,
legal regulations and standards

We monitor your IT systems for indicators of professional hacking attacks. (Indicators of Compromise)


No additional effort on your part

The service is independent of location and does not require extensive setup work on your part. You do not require any personnel resources. Our multi-headed vulnerability management team improves the security of your systems.


Ready to go

Get in touch with us today. Our cyber security experts will quickly set up 8com Vulnerability Management for you. 


Successful around the world

We detect threats before damage occurs. We are active in more than 40 countries and draw on 15 years of experience.

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Detect Vulnerabilities. Reduce Risks.

Our solution for you: 8com Vulnerability Management for Businesses

Advanced Vulnerability Detection & Analytics

Our Advanced Vulnerability Detection & Analytics enables us to continuously identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems on 365 days a year.

Internal IT systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac as well as perimeter IT systems such as firewalls, VPN servers, FTP servers, SAP Netweaver etc. are examined.

Identified security vulnerabilities are evaluated and reported to the responsible employees with recommended measures to eliminate them.

Indicator of Compromise (IoC) Detection & Analytics

Our Indicator of Compromise Detection & Analytics module detects threats that antivirus systems cannot identify. Indicators for known threats and incidents are recorded and investigated around the clock, 365 days a year. We use both current and historical data.

8com's IoC Detection & Analytics provides several pre-defined threat detection analysis capabilities:

  • Critical advanced persistent threats
  • Warning messages by the CERT
  • Identification of suspicious process usage (without malware use), e.g. the use of known applications for malicious purposes 


Depending on the package booked, you will receive automated, audience-specific reporting in English (bronze) or comprehensive manual verification and reporting including scoring procedures (silver and gold).

8com Vulnerability Management for Businesses offers you a complete audit of your systems at a low price.

Contact us now without obligation and protect your systems!

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8com monitors and protects the digital infrastructures of its clients in over 40 countries worldwide, from SMEs to global players. The company is one of Europe's leading providers of auditing and awareness services for information security. For more than 14 years, 8com's goal has been to provide its clients with the best possible service and to work together to achieve an economically viable, yet highest possible level of information security.

Marcus Kühner

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E-Mail: info@8com.de

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New Critical Vulnerabilities in IT Systems Are Discovered Daily

The reason: vulnerabilities. They allow hackers to bypass the security mechanisms of web applications. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

The 14,600 new vulnerabilities that emerged in 2017 are only the officially listed vulnerabilities with CVE* numbers. But that is only a small fraction. In addition, there is a multitude of additional security vulnerabilities:

  • programming errors (customizing or in-house developments)
  • faulty updates
  • configuration errors

How do you deal with the threat?

Do you rely on security software and protective systems?

The use of firewalls, antivirus software, VPN, proxy servers etc. is no longer sufficient. Vulnerabilities allow professional security systems to be bypassed again and again.

Are businesses of all sizes and industries affected?

Attacks are launched on a massive scale and without any specific targets. Therefore businesses of all sizes are affected. The assumption of smaller companies that they are uninteresting is incorrect.

Why is action so important?

The potential impact is increasingly becoming a threat to the very existence of a business.