Industrial espionage, identity theft, cyberbullying - the dangers of the digital world threaten all levels of the corporate hierarchy and people of all ages, from apprentices to technology-oriented senior citizens.

In this presentation, the audience will experience first-hand how criminal hackers proceed when they infiltrate corporate networks, go shopping with other people's account data or take over profiles in social networks. When the smartphones of individual subscribers are hacked live, everyone understands that cyber attacks can affect anyone.

But our speaker does not only focus on the negative aspects of global networking. The presentation also covers the unprecedented potential for business and society. Finally, it shows how companies and private individuals can effectively protect themselves against hacking attacks.

  • Smartphone hacking
  • Hacking attacks against company networks
  • Email manipulation
  • Kennwort-Hacking
  • Businesses and the Internet
  • Protection against cybercrime
  • And many more
  • Target Group: Management
  • Duration: 30 to 90 minutes

Cybercrime is the growth industry and threat of the 21st century.

Silently and invisibly, criminal hackers enter professionally secured corporate networks around the world every minute, stealing data or manipulating entire systems. 

Experience various hacking attacks on companies live. See with your own eyes why traditional protection features such as firewalls, proxy servers and anti-virus software can be easily bypassed by criminals.

We show the enormous extent of the possible damage on the basis of selected real cases of cybercrime against companies. Finally, protective measures are explained.

  • Smartphone hacking
  • Hacking attacks against company networks
  • Email manipulation
  • Online banking fraud in businesses
  • Digital crime and industrial espionage
  • Protective measures
  • Target Groups: Entrepreneurs, management, CEOs, Board members
  • Duration: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Discussion recommended (after presentation)