Tax consultants and auditors are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. In the process, data from clients is collected in a targeted manner and consultants and auditors are blackmailed with the publication of the stolen information.

Even more critical is the possible manipulation of electronic payment transactions by tax consultants. Many law firms carry this out for their clients. During numerous security audits of law firm networks by our company, it was found that the necessary security precautions and regulations for electronic payment transactions, for example in the EBICS procedure, have been massively violated.

The presentation will show several hacking attacks on consulting networks. Participants will be able to see how traditional protection measures such as firewalls, proxy servers, antivirus software, etc. can be easily bypassed by criminals. In addition, functioning protective measures are described.

  • Smartphones hacked live
  • Hacking against tax consulting firms
  • Email manipulation
  • Digital crime against consultants
  • Manipulation of payment transactions
  • Protective measures
  • Target Group: Tax consultants and auditors
  • Duration: 45 to 90 minutes