This presentation is especially designed for older generations, because smartphones, tablets and PCs are no longer unknown territory for seniors. However, since this generation has not grown up with the Internet, there is sometimes a lack of know-how.

Our presentation offers easily understandable information about the Internet, tailor-made for the target group. In addition to impressive live hacks, our speaker advises the participants on appropriate protection option.

Identity theft and misuse cause enormous financial damage, especially to older Internet users. In order to prevent such crimes, we will demonstrate in this presentation how criminals proceed and which protective measures are suitable.

  • Smartphones hacked live
  • Computer security
  • Digital identity theft
  • Email manipulation
  • Online banking manipulation
  • Protective measures
  • Target Group: Seniors active on the Internet
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Discussion recommended (after presentation)

(Kopie 4)