As a recognized expert for cybersecurity, Götz Schartner witnesses the effects of cybercrime and hacking attacks on a daily basis. The founder and CEO of 8com GmbH & Co. KG talks about his, in some cases terrifying, experiences in his book “Tatort www” and live on stage.

Every year he thrills his audience of more than 50.000 people with his exciting andcaptivating talks. Drawing from over 26 years of professional experience, Schartner not only shows the countless risks lurking in the digital sphere, he also gives practical security advice to laymen as well as specialists.

He acts as consultant to banks and government agencies as well as global corporations,small and medium-sized businesses and serves as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an international company. Together with his IT forensics team he helps his clients to retrace successful and averted cyber attacks.

  • Cybercrime & Industrial Espionage
  • The NSA Spying Scandal
  • Crime Scene WWW
  • Email manipulation


 „Concise, competent talk – I liked it very much and can only recommend it.”
Thomas Ostermann, SAP Germany

„At the end of the talk you want to get rid of your computer. And your phone. Not to mention your Blackberry.“

„Götz Schartner is a modern magician. Skillfully and humorously, he shows the dangers of our big data society on the basis of specific examples.”
Kai-Christian Albrecht, Managing Director, Bundesverband Deutscher Buch-, Zeitungs- und Zeitschriften-Grossisten e. V.

„Schartner knows how to captivate his audience. […] This man can surprise and manages to keep you in suspense, even if the topic is information security.”
Michael Ehlers, Public Speaking Expert

Among his clients are:

Allianz Versicherungs AG, AON Benfield, AXA Konzern AG, banks, BASF SE, Deutsche Post AG, Euler Hermes Deutschland AG, HDI-Gerling Industrieversicherung, Linde AG, Mainova AG, ECSSR (Abu Dhabi), Schindler Aufzüge AG (Switzerland), Swissport International Ltd. (Switzerland), Zurich Versicherung

Erwin Markowsky has already delighted over half a million listeners with his exciting live hacking demonstrations. Whether young or old, students or employees of an internationally operating company - those who have observed the professional hacker at work are more careful with their personal data afterwards. Convincing expertise based on 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, wit and charm are the trademarks of the information security expert. Markowsky is known to Bavarian radio and television audiences as an expert on the risks involved in using mobile phones and the Internet.

Since 2006 Markowsky has been working as a consultant for 8com. In addition to exciting practical presentations, the father of two is a recognized expert for investigative examinations of IT and IT security in medium-sized companies and corporations.

  • Presentations for employees
  • Presentations for entrepreneurs
  • Presentations for students
  • Presentations for parents
  • Presentations for private Internet users


"Entertaining, insightful, frightening."

Hohenloher Tagblatt

"Erwin Markowsky seems like an entertainer in his talks. He brings the students on stage to make them aware of the dangers of the digital world. Meanwhile, in the stands there is an attention that teachers should also wish for in their lessons".


"With many casual comments (...) he turned the information session into an entertaining evening event that, despite many jokes, made the audience think and revealed its own security gaps".


"Again and again we heard an astonishing, sometimes even almost shocked 'Oh' or 'Oh no'."

Schwäbische Zeitung

"The IT security expert succeeded in sensitizing the audience (...) to the risks involved in using mobile phones and the Internet, not with a raised finger, but with a lot of humor and a good dose of technical knowledge".

Chamer Zeitung

  • Bayrischer Rundfunk
  • SWR
  • Badische Zeitung
  • Chamer Zeitung
  • Leipziger Volkszeitung
  • Nürnberger Nachrichten
  • Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung
  • Rheinpfalz
  • Schwarzwälder Bote
  • Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Dynamic and professional - this is how Dr. Felix Kahrau's talks can be described. With his refreshing and sympathetic manner, the business information scientist inspires the audience. Due to his 5 years as a lecturer at the University of Mannheim, he knows what is important in any presentation. It is essential for him to convey information in an exciting and appropriate way. Whether entrepreneurs, employees or private Internet users - when supposedly secure systems are hacked live, the audience is in awe.

As an expert in the field of information security, Dr. Kahrau deals daily with the latest security gaps and the measures necessary to achieve more IT security. His responsibilities at 8com range from IT security consulting and corresponding training to penetration tests. He is particularly interested in the interaction between people and technology. The increasing digitization offers fascinating possibilities, especially from this point of view. 

  • Cyber crime and industrial espionage
  • Crime scene www
  • Presentations for private Internet users

"Information security doesn't concern me anyway" is probably one of the most frequently quoted sentences that Leon Klein hears in the course of his work. But with case studies and anecdotes from everyday life, he shows his audience thata cyber attack can affect anyone. Using live hacking, he impressively and comprehensibly demonstrates how easily criminals can access sensitive data. At the same time, he provides practical tips on how to protect yourself effectively with little effort.

As an experienced speaker and trainer, Leon Klein knows exactly how to firmly anchor information security in the minds of his audience. Since 2012 Leon Klein has been working for 8com GmbH & Co. KG and has many years of experience in the fields of awareness, training and talks. Every day he experiences how bold and creative cyber criminals are. His declared goal is to emotionally captivate audience members and sensitize them to the apparently unlimited possibilities of hackers.

  • Cybercrime & Industrial Espionage
  • Crime Scene www
  • Talks for private Internet users


"Your professional team has taught us many important and interesting things about Internet security and the risks of non-compliance, not only for the corporate but also for the private sector. We are already looking forward to your next presentation[…].“
Norman Sandrock, CEO UnionStahl GmbH"

For the average user, this was an impressive talk."
Michael Wiegand, Werra-Rundschau

"The response was simply fantastic! Thank you very much!" auf den nächsten Vortrag von Ihnen[…].“
Audience member, 2017