For doctors, the Internet has not only become a blessing but also a curse. Smaller practices are often overburdened with the necessary IT security standards for online billing. The legal regulations are usually unknown and/or difficult to implement.

In our presentation "Dangers from the Internet - Doctors in the Spotlight", we specifically address the technical and legal risks. We show medical practitioners live how easy it is to access their online billing and patient data, especially if there are not enough security measures in place. In the second part, legal regulations are presented on the basis of vivid examples and important questions are answered, such as: When does a doctor's office need a data protection officer?

  • Smartphone hacking
  • Hacking against medical practices
  • Digital safeguarding of the practice network
  • The doctor on the Internet
  • Typical breaches of data protection in practices
  • Target Group: Medical practices, hospitals, other medical institutions
  • Duration: 45 to 90 minutes

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