How Secure Is Your Corporate Network?

The Corporate Network Penetration Test identifies vulnerabilities in your network concept or configuration. The consequences of these weak points are presented, risks are assessed and explained in a final review with the help of a detailed report.

In the first step, semi-automatic scans provide a quick overview of the status of your systems, since a fully automatic scanner cannot analyze customer-specific services. Our specialists are able to investigate and use these services to gain access to your systems. This provides management and IT managers with valuable insights into the current state of IT security and the necessary improvements.

The Corporate Net Penetration Test takes place on site. Our experts examine your systems from the inside out. The test can be carried out in close cooperation with the responsible employees of your company or covertly, if requested.

In addition, you may provide us with some access data beforehand, or we can connect to your network as careless employees or attacking third parties would. Access data is used to provide better insight into the status of your systems in a fast and reliable way. This also enables us to achieve more comprehensive research results.

Finally, you will receive a detailed final report, which will be explained during a debriefing.

Goals and Results

The Corporation Net Penetration Test is completed on site with a brief review of the test results and conclusions to be drawn. A final report is then submitted, which documents the course of the audits as well as the results and recommendations of our consultants.

The Corporate Net Penetration Test gives you valuable insights into the security of your systems. Our consultants will happily support your IT department with recommendations and know-how.