Maximum Security
for your Perimeter Systems

Vulnerability Mangement for Perimeter Systems


We Detect Vulnerabilities
and Assist in Eliminating Them

Several thousand known vulnerabilities threaten the security of your perimeter systems. In addition, there are many more security vulnerabilities due to programming errors, faulty updates and configuration errors.

We continuously check your perimeter systems for vulnerabilities

We examine your perimeter systems, such as firewalls, VPN servers, SAP NetWeaver, on a daily basis. We make all your perimeter systems and services visible, detect planned and unexpected changes and identify vulnerabilities. 

Save human resources

You do not require any human resources. Our multi-headed vulnerability management team provides security for your perimeter systems.

Gest started immediately

Do not lose any time and get in touch with us. Our cybersecurity experts will set up 8com Vulnerability Management for perimeter systems in no time at all.

We offer comprehensive services for small budgets

With our Advanced Vulnerability Management for perimeter systems, we offer you a comprehensive and at the same time economically sensible solution. In this way, vulnerabilities are found and high financial losses caused by production and business interruptions are avoided. 

Successfully in use worldwide

We detect threats before hacking attacks occur. We operate as a business in over 40 countries and draw on 15 years of in-depth experience in information security. Contact us without obligation!

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Detect Vulnerabilities. Reduce Risk.

Our solution for you: 8com Vulnerability Management for perimeter systems.

Advanced Vulnerability Detection & Analytics

Perimeter systems are subject to dynamic changes. Some of these changes are planned, while others go unnoticed. IT systems that are considered secure today can lead to serious to critical security incidents tomorrow due to new vulnerabilities or unnoticed and unintentional configuration changes. Our Advanced Vulnerability Detection & Analytics module offers you:

  • the visibility of all your perimeter systems and services
  • detection of planned and unexpected changes 
  • the identification of security vulnerabilities 
  • support in dealing with security vulnerabilities 

Cyber Intelligence Services (CIS)

CIS is based on our Advanced Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence Analytics System (ATAVIAS). In ATAVIAS, we continuously capture the latest potential threats and vulnerabilities. ATAVIAS itself and the analysts at our Cyber Defense Center regularly compare this information with the system information of your perimeter systems and examine it for possible threats and vulnerabilities. 


Depending on the booked package, you will receive automated reporting in English (Bronze) or comprehensive manual verification and reporting including scoring procedures (Silver and Gold).

8com Advanced Vulnerability Management for perimeter systems offers you comprehensive services at a fair price.

Contact us now without obligation & protect your perimeter systems!

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8com monitors and protects the digital infrastructures of its clients in over 40 countries worldwide, from SMEs to global players. The company is one of Europe's leading providers of auditing and awareness services for information security. For more than 14 years, 8com's goal has been to provide its clients with the best possible service and to work together to achieve an economically viable, yet highest possible level of information security.

Frederik Kaiser

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Every Day Companies Become Victims of Hacking Attacks

The reason: vulnerabilities. They allow hackers to bypass the security mechanisms of web applications. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

The 14,600 new vulnerabilities that emerged in 2017 are only the officially listed vulnerabilities with CVE* numbers. But that is only a small fraction. In addition, there is a multitude of additional security vulnerabilities:

  • programming errors (customizing or in-house developments)
  • faulty updates
  • configuration errors

How do you deal with the threat?

Do you have freely accessible servers on the Internet that allow access to your internal network?

Comprehensive vulnerability management is particularly important here. The negative effects of undetected vulnerabilities can be fatal. 

Do you rely on a firewall that controls remote access to your internal systems?

A firewall is an important component in the security concept of perimeter systems. However, it alone does not provide ultimate protection. Configuration errors in firewalls can also result in vulnerabilities. 

You are counting on a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)?

A DMZ for the security control of server access can provide protection. But even small configuration errors can result in the complete takeover of your systems.