Security Information and Event Management

Our unified security platform is designed to match even complex activity patterns in your network. AV-USM's continuous supply of the latest AlienVault Labs information triggers an alarm when suspicious activities are detected. False-positive results are often caused by insufficiently thought-out, hastily acting technologies. With our alarm system you can use your time efficiently.

Review - What Is Different Today?

It is not easy to know exactly what the status quo is. AV-USM captures and inventories the entire portfolio in your environment. You decide how to proceed: passive network monitoring, active scanning or a potential host-based inventory agent. This first step is essential to create a solid foundation for all further security measures.

Vulnerability Testing - How is your Achilles' heel?

AV-USM reveals the weak points of your system honestly and relentlessly, and that is exactly what you want. The execution of a network-based vulnerability scan ensures that the weak points of your system are detected and triggers the highest level of alarm readiness.

Threat Detection - What Is in the Crosshairs?

AV-USM captures the applications that are the targets of an attack and determines the type of attack. This is done by continuously analyzing your environment using programs to protect against unauthorized access, wireless access, and an optional host-based model.

Behavior Monitoring - AlienVault Keeps an Eye on Everything

Intelligent monitoring requires understanding of the environment and the ever-changing threat landscape. Detecting the smallest changes in your network can be a first sign of hacking activity. With AlienVault, visibility is guaranteed thanks to network traffic analysis, service availability monitoring and full packet scanning.

Open Extension API - If You Only Need Essential Security Mechanisms

With AV-USM's Open Extension API, each of the aforementioned essential security mechanisms can be improved by integrating other open source tools or the best security and operational solutions of their category into the USM platform.