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We have been applying these products for years and therefore know how to use them optimally. Based on our many years of experience in the field of valuation and analysis of networks, you also receive well-founded vulnerability management consulting sfrom us.

We are also happy to take care of the integration of the products in your IT environment. Because through our daily work we know how to configure them, what needs to be taken into account when using them, and how to recognize attack patterns or conspicuous features.

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The World's Most Widely Used Vulnerability Scanner

The Nessus vulnerability scanner is part of every effective IT department. Nessus is the most advanced analysis tool for vulnerability and configuration management in the commercial sector.

Nessus automatically checks your IT infrastructures for security gaps. If you have purchased a Nessus license, any number of scans are possible. In this way, you improve your information security permanently. Another plus point: Nessus not only finds vulnerabilities but can also check for compliance.

With a database of more than 55.000 vulnerabilities and plug-ins, supported by the Tenable Vulnerability Research Expert Team, Nessus provides a high level of accuracy.

Nessus is used in the largest companies and is fast and easy to apply.


  • High-speed Discovery
  • Configuration check
  • Profiling of network components
  • Detection of sensitive data
  • Control of compliance-relevant settings
  • Integration into patch management and vulnerability analysis

Tenable-Nessus Packages incl. Trainings

Below you will find the different Nessus training packages. You can either book a training course separately or choose a package consisting of a training and a product.

  • Nessus + Training (Power Auditor Bundle)
  • Nessus Perimeter Service + Training (Internet Auditor Bundle)
  • Nessus + Nessus Perimeter Service + Training (Complete Auditor Bundle)
  • All training courses are designed to ensure that participants have the greatest possible benefit from Nessus products.

Nessus Perimeter Service

with TenablePCI Scan Service

As an Approved Scanning Vendor, Tenable Network Security helps companies secure their payment transactions. Nessus Perimeter Service is based on Nessus, but is tailored to the verification of your perimeter systems.

The Nessus Perimeter Service helps you identify vulnerabilities in your networks and web applications from the cloud. When using the service, the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are also fulfilled.

The Tenable Nessus Perimeter Service, including the Tenable PCI Scanning Service, is an on-demand service for checking network systems connected to the Internet and Web applications. With this product you can keep the security of your perimeter systems at a consistently good level.

Price Overview Nessus

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