If your employees have an awareness of information security, they need clearly defined rules of conduct. With their help, they know what they are allowed to do and when and how to do it. In our informative User Guides we have compiled these rules.

IT Security Instructions

From our experience we at 8com know that rules of conduct alone are not enough. Employees need concrete support in order to act in the interest of IT security. In our User Guides, we therefore explain briefly and understandably how to take action when and why.

They provide instructions, background information and tips in an understandable short form and serve to inform the participants of the Awareness measures quickly and easily. They are the foundation of a successful campaign.

  • To make information accessible and understandable within the shortest possible time.
  • To provide a good overview in a few minutes.
  • To offer employees a positive incentive to "learn the ropes".
  • We are happy to adapt them to your design wishes for an extra charge.

Content-related, textual and graphic adaptations will be charged separately.

Further information on the limited right to use our Awareness User Guides can be found in the license agreement.

User Guide Types

Our User Guides are divided into three categories.

Work Instruction

User Guides of this type represent a binding written work instruction. They prescribe procedures and measures to be followed. The question of "what" is the central element in these documents. What needs to be done for information security? What must be the reaction to critical moments, such as suspected malware infections?

Our work instructions are very well accepted due to their clear and short form. The combination of the three User Guide types is ideal for the doubters among employees. The appropriate explanation is immediately available.


This type of guide provides help and recommendations, since certain behaviors such as memorizing passwords cannot be enforced in the form of work instructions. The tips are intended to support you in terms of feasibility, so they often answer the question of "how".

They come as step-by-step instructions for direct execution. Wherever they can and the user has the appropriate authorizations, they do the work for the people responsible for IT. In addition, tips support the acceptance of the instructions, as their content makes it much easier to implement the necessary measures.

Background Information

These User Guides offer information on a variety of topics and typical case studies. They provide background knowledge that strengthens the acceptance of Awareness measures.

Those who are confronted with complex instructions at first glance quickly wonder what they are all about. The background guides serve to awaken understanding and present knowledge in an understandable form, which strengthens the formation of Awareness.

Experience shows that only a small number of your employees will use the background information. But precisely these are important multipliers in the company when discussions arise between employees about the usefulness of measures.