The poster series contains six different motifs. The posters are mainly used as visual reminders within our Awareness Campaign. The posters are therefore based on the contents of the awareness-raising measures.

  • Password Security
  • Phishing
  • Data Security
  • Email
  • Physical Security
  • Social Networks

In addition to the standardized poster series, we also offer an individualized version. On request and at extra charge, your logo and your colours will become elements of the posters. The graphical adjustment work is calculated by the hour.

With regard to the choice of the individual motifs, it should be noted that the simplicity of the perception is due to the overall composition. The motifs are intended to trigger mental association chains, i. e. content from the Awareness Campaign is unconsciously linked to the poster on the wall. An example: If the presentation has focused on the correct handling of sensitive data, the poster "Data Protection" reminds participants of this.

  • DIN A2
  • DIN A1
  • DIN A0