In our WBTs, users are directly confronted with the dangers for sensitive information. Among other things, they need to identify dangerous email attachments, create secure passwords and prevent common scams. In this way, your employees become experts on information security and effectively protect your company against cyber attacks.

Informative Videos

Short video clips at the beginning of the WBT and the exams provide users with all the information they need to complete the training.

Varied Tasks

In our WBT on social engineering, users must respond to the phone call of an alleged IT employee. The use of video and sound ensures that there is no time for boredom.

High Practical Relevance

Secure passwords are an absolute must. In the WBT on password security, users learn how to create and memorize complex passwords.

Much More Than Just a Quiz

WBTs are more than mere question-and-answer tests. In our email training, for example, employees must fend off a phishing attempt and identify the real sender.

Other Features


After each passed test, employees receive a printable certificate. It serves not only as an effective motivating factor, but also as proof of legal obligations.

Wide Selection

In addition to social engineering, email and password security, we also offer WBTs on common scams such as payment diversion, fake president and fake identity fraud.