With our handy Awareness Quiz, every employee can prove his or her knowledge around information security issues. Webcam covers are simple but effective protective measures.

The give-aways themselves can be customized according to the corporate design of your company or otherwise individualized.

  • Awareness Quiz
  • Webcam Covers

Awareness Quiz

With our Awareness Quiz, your employees can test how familiar they are with the wide range of information and data security topics.

In its practical pocket-size format, the quiz is ideal for flipping through and not only offers a wide variety of multiple choice questions and answers, but also provides helpful tips for the daily handling of sensitive and confidential data.

Webcam Covers

The webcam covers offer optimal physical protection against technically experienced peeping Toms and spies. Simply place the extra thin stickers in front of the camera lenses of smartphones, tablets, webcams and smart TVs to protect yourself against unwanted viewers.

More Give-Aways

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Additional give-aways such as posters, encryptable USB flash drives and hard disks can be found directly in the catalogue. 

We look forward to raising awareness among your employees of the responsible use of information and keeping them alert in the long term.

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