Fake president fraud, payment diversion and fake identity fraud cause daily losses of millions of euros to the economy. With our fraud prevention modules, you can provide effective protection against these fraud variants.

Our offers can be combined into a sustainable strategy and adapted to your individual requirements. The recommended cyclical repetition of these measures keeps your employees aware of the dangers of common scams and leads to a lasting change in behavior. At the same time, new employees can be sensitized and current developments can be integrated into the preventive measures.

If you decide on a fraud prevention strategy, we will be happy to take over the entire organization, from planning and implementation to regular repetition.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We analyze the processes in the departments that are typically affected by fake president fraud, payment diversion and fake identity fraud. Potential for risk reduction is evaluated and processes are adjusted.

In our hands-on training, employees experience realistic fraud scenarios (fake president fraud, payment diversion, fake identity fraud) in real time at their own workplaces and thus become immune to manipulation.

Fake emails and text messages are used for this purpose. The training can be carried out simultaneously for different locations and in different languages.

In our web session the contents of the hands-on training are partly repeated and elaborated upon. Participants can follow how easy it is to forge emails and text messages, learn the psychological tricks of the criminals and how they behave in fraud situations.

In terms of content identical to the web session, participants of the On-Site Workshop experience fraud scenarios not at the workplace, but on the screen and partly on their smartphones. However, the attention of the participants lies 100 percent on the trainer.

Our Awareness products help to keep your employees permanently aware of fraud prevention. Videos, interactive web-based trainings and much more help to consolidate the content or provide an introduction to the topic.