Our 220 Awareness Videos cover a wide range of topics: from the requirements for secure passwords to the dangers posed by phishing emails and the right way to deal with external parties.

The integrity of confidential data is not only endangered in the workplace, so our videos also address information security at home and while traveling. This variety of topics supports a holistic awareness approach and contributes to the fact that employees not only accept and implement security measures, but also experience them as a decisive and positive part of their everyday life. This is the only way to develop a culture of information security in your company.

Our Awareness Videos are available in scenic, moderated and animated form.

All Awareness Videos are branded with the logo of your company. We are also happy to adapt intros and outros of the scenic videos to your corporate design for an extra charge. In the case of moderated videos, we can also design the colour and appearance of the studio according to your wishes. For example, the intro could be used to draw attention to an internal contact person for the topic being discussed. In this way, your employees immediately know who to turn to for information security questions.

Short film sequences illustrate everyday situations that show the dangers for sensitive and confidential data in the workplace and explain possible solutions.

Because of their practical relevance to everyday life, these videos reach their audience on an emotional level. They show offenders as well as victims of hacking attacks and cybercrime, thereby highlighting the issues from both sides. 

In our studio, the moderator informs his audience about the most important aspects of information security. 

Goetz Schartner, professional hacker and cybercrime expert, among others, will guide you through the videos. You will learn interesting facts about information security. The videos illustrate problems and dangers using practical case studies and provide useful tips. 

Complex content is clearly explained by using graphics and animations. 

Our animated videos are particularly effective in explaining complex scams.